Changing width of hooks and spacing between key signature sharps and flats

• May 29, 2016 - 18:21

Hello everybody, apparently such a feature is not implemented yet, but it would be really amazing to have it. The thing is, I have been currently working on tactile stave music notation for blind people. Musescore turned out to be the BEST software for the task, as it allows for coloring every single element, which is necessary for later CNC milling; Musescore also allows for great manipulation of spacing. What I really miss now is a possibility to adjust the width of hooks. Now I can change the stem width, beam width and whatever else, but hooks cannot be adjusted, this is very sad, because tactile score for blind people needs all of the elements to be a bit thicker. So if it is possible, could you please implement an ability to make hooks thicker, like stems etc.?

The same is about key signature marks. It would be great to be able to adjust spacing between them. For example, now if the key is, say, D major, both F and C sharps are very close to each other and of course it will be difficult for visually impaired people to distinguish them by touch. So if I could make space between them a bit bigger it would be really helpful.

So if it is possible, could those two features be implemented?
Thank you guys!


As I mentioned elsewhere, hooks are simply characters from the music font, so what you really need is a specially-designed music font. Probably such things exist already, but probably not yet in SMuFL format, which they would need to be.

For key signatures, you can create a custom key signature with whatever spacing you require - that might be the best way for now. Adding a parameter to control the spacing would not be especially difficult, so do file an official feature request ot the issue tracker for that or else the request will probably get lsot in the shuffle here

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