how to apply new style to all changed text at a time?

• Jun 4, 2016 - 02:57

i try to adjust score format
load a style but the changed format can't automatically change, must adjust one by one due to previous changed one by one...
i see the style text there is a "apply to all part" button but i can't click on it
how to trigger it on and apply the new style by one button at a time?
how to reset all text and layout style at a time?


Note, if you have manually changed the size or font of a particular text element, then that particular text element won't be affected by changes to font or size from the global Text Style. To reset a text element to obey the global Text Style, you can press the button "Reset Text to Style" from inside the inspector (F8).

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Well, this should only be an issue for scores originally created in very old versions of MuseScore. Scores created with any version from the last year or more should work fine with no reset required. If you are having trouble with a recently created score, please attach the score you are having problems with and describe more precisely what you are trying to do.

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