In Christ Alone

• Jul 6, 2011 - 04:15

Here is my arrangement of one of my favorite hymns, written for SATB, Piano, Cello, and Violin. It was my first project with MuseScore; I've now gone on to many other pieces. It's not quite "perfect," but this doesn't bother me because I am not seeking to perform this. I feel I am not getting the best harmony out of the piano line. Keep in mind that the balance in the chorus is off due to the mechanical nature of the voices and the quirky range of the dynamics. Sometimes the melody is drowned out, something that hopefully wouldn't happen under a human conductor.

I'm not quite sure what the copyright rules are for these sort of things, so I would like to acknowledge that "In Christ Alone" was written by Stuart Townend; I have just arranged it.

Criticism, both contsructive and deconstructive (ha), is most welcome.


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not sure what you're looking for when you say you aren't getting what you want out of the piano harmonically. nice melody and nice message. i think for the first few verses - all the music you have before the key change, could have had repeats so you didn't have to write out each verse one by one.

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Jojo - I copied the page for future use. Thank you. There was no corruption after I clicked IGNORE as per Shoichi's suggestion, so I had no idea what you meant. The score read fine. (It was pointless because it was 8 years old.) The file is now gone.

BTW- the extra 4GB RAM just arrived. I'll let you know if things are faster...or just more expensive. I'm betting on faster.

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I'm not understanding you. (I am trying.) Why should I fix an eight year old file that belongs to someone who has not been here? Especially after the IGNORE worked. The file was discarded after I listened.
Of course if it was a current file of mine I would attend to it...immediately.

I also recall in a thread about MuseScore slowing down you said that extra RAM does help with speed.

More RAM always helps, but whether it does here is IMHO more a matter of soundfont being used rather than layout

I took that to mean help with speed v sluggishness. In any event, I'll see. Many lengthy, thick pieces slow down after a while.

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PV, to let you know, I'm currently working on a symphonic piece that's 822 measures and 62 instruments. It's slower than molasses on a winter's day in Minnesota, but in version 2 it only takes up 370MB of memory, which is far less than you have on your computer without an upgrade. The expectation is that more memory will not mean more speed for editing.

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Okay, thanks. My Pc has 4GB. System info says variably 0.98-1.22 RAM available. So I figure the extra 4 cannot hurt. I do recall before I got here that folks on the net had recommended at least 16 - 32, but they were speaking of DAWs and expensive soundfonts (like Vienna Symphonic)and orchestral scores.

@Jojo now I understand you. Lo capisco perfettamente!

Buon Anno tutte due!

Love this arrangement! May I use this score for a youtube video? I'd make sure to cite you as the writer, and I'd have to adapt it slightly. Please reply.

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