I can't even select a measure.

• Jul 6, 2011 - 19:35

In my new piece, I accidentally added three extra measures at the end. I've looked up how to delete measures, I think you have to press Ctrl+Del once the measure is selected. However, MuseScore doesn't seem to be letting me select a measure... or maybe I'm just doing it wrong. Halp?


Should be as simple as clicking an empty part of the measure to select it. Or, to select a range of mesures, click the first then shift click the last. Only trick to any of this is being sure to click an empty part. If the measure is full of notes, you might have to zoom in find an empty place to click.

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There's plenty of space in the measure, it's just a whole rest. And this doesn't appear to be computer-specific, either, I can't do it on my other computer... I'm doing something wrong. Do you have to left-click or right-click, and what indication does the program give you to show that the measure is selected?

What drives me nuts is finding an empty part of the measure to click on in order to select the measure. Most often I end up selecting a note or rest or even a barline. It takes me about ten clicks sometimes... not very efficient, and frustrating!

I am having the same trouble, and no mouse to right-click with. I have a mac and use the finger pad. I am working on my first score. I have extra measures at the end, and would like to select them to delete, but cannot select. Thanks in advance for any help...Cheers, RT

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You don't need right-click to select, but should you need it for other purpsoe, I think on Mac ctrl-click usually does the same.

To select a measure, simply clkick an empty area within the measure. To select a range, shift-drag. Or, click one measure, shift-click the last, or select one, shift-arrows to extend selection (standard shortcuts on Windows at least; I assume Mac is similar).

Press N = note enter mode, displays Edit Drumset bottom left.
You will not be able to select a measure after You have pressed N
as soon as You toggle off N You can select a measure.

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