A Certain Format Does Not Work with Musescore

• Jun 8, 2016 - 10:22
S5 - Suggestion
needs info

A lot of formats I find don't work with Musescore and every program I have found and compiled does not seem to be able to handle them aside from two, but they don't convert abc files to midi notation. I have compiled a ton of abc files over the years using the Starbound Composer or Maestro, which seems to be compatible to every abc formatting I've seen. Unfortunately, I've stored files as abc files and have lost the midis to many files and am unable to convert my abcs back. I was hoping Musescore would be able to with this plugin, but it severely butchers the songs. Here is an example of a song that it is unable to be converted properly into Musescore from the abc version of it. I used the midi I found to convert it via the Starbound Composer. The midi works fine when put into Musescore but not the abc. Please expand the compatibility of the plugin to allow this version of the abc formatting to be compatible. It would save me and many others who have used the two programs a lot of time, especially since to be able to get the missing midis, we would have to recreate them, which is pretty much impossible since we all suck at making music. Thank you for your consideration!


This does not appear to be a valid ABC file -= it contains notations like "/5" and "/10" that, as far as I understand the specification, make no sense. If this is some sort of non-standard extention to ABC, can you point to some documentation for it? Be aware that MuseScore does not import ABC directly; we instead use a third party tool to convert the ABC to standard MusicXML. So probably what you really need is to convince someone to write tool to convert this non-standard format to standard MusicXML.