First two measures do not repeat

• Jul 11, 2011 - 16:30

Using version 1.0
As the subject says, the first two measures do not repeat even if I change the the repeat count under measure properties.
See attached file.

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(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay.mscz 2.78 KB


Hello astromath,
I am 58 years old and started playing piano two years ago. I try to learn songs I like very much - because there is no time left to play all songs I like. One of my favorites is "The dock". The original sheet to play is impossible for me. Then I found your "example" here in musescore. It is playable for me with not to much practicing. I typed in the original sheet in musescore - the playback sounds terrible (to mechanically). Then I tried to reduce some notes to make it playable for me - it sounds much more terrible ;-)).

So I want to know if you can send me your complete mscz of "The Dock". That would be wounderful. If not - thank you for reading my post (in my terrible English).

Best Regards!

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I suppose I could. I transcribed the sheet music from 100 Greatest Pop Songs. Supposedly there is a "personal contact form" that you could fill out and send to me & me to you. I'm not sure how it works. I think you have to edit your profile to allow it. You can send me your email address through that.

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