MusicXML Export Issue

• Jun 11, 2016 - 15:27

Hi all.
I am using MuseScore V 2.0.1 on Windows Vista.
I have found a minor issue when exporting MusicXML. If I add some chord text to my score for a C7sus4 chord and export to MusicXML (compressed), the XML contains:

      <harmony print-frame="no">
        <kind text="7sus4">suspended-fourth</kind>
        <degree text="">

When I import the same MusicXML into MuseScore (same version and operating system) there is an error:
Fatal error: line 99 column 24 Element degree contains unknown attribute text.

Ignoring the error is fine & MuseScore loads the score.

Looking at the MusicXML spec, I don't think the degree tag is allowed to have a text attribute.
When I manually edited the MusicXML to remove the text attribute, it loaded OK.


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There is a comment in the source suggesting that some other applications require this. See #53936: Incomplete MusicXML text attributes for 7sus4 chords.

But I think I might have misinterpreted Michael Good's advice - apparently he was actually suggesting a text attrtibute on the "degree-value" tag, not the "degree" tag. Does this seem reaosnable to people?

In any case, I'm still not crazy about the handling of sus chords and think the MusicXML spec could stand to be improved on this point.

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