crashes, freezes

• Jun 13, 2016 - 18:14

I have an Asus Notebook PC. Windows 8 operating sustem, upgraded to Windows 10. Intel CORE i5. I use Musicnotes for scoring 4part chorale music, average 120 to 200 measures, 6 to 8 systems. It seems to continue to slow down as the score nears completion. Then it will freeze all together and crash my computer. The other day, i hadnt been writing long, went to save it and it froze (not responding was the message). I waited to see what would happen. 20 min later the save as dialogue came up but i couldnt do any more.

Im at a loss. Might there be something Im doing thats causing the crashes/freezes? Is the score too big? Do i need to limit the size and then join pieces togethet?

Id appeciate your help thanks!

Dennis M


I assume when you write "Musicnotes" you really mean MuseScore, since this is a MuseScore forum :-)

It's normal that performance degrades with the length of the score; consider breaking it up into smaller pieces. But really, 200 measures of four part choral music shouldn't be that taxing for your hardware. Could be there is something corrupt in the score causing problems; if you attach it, we can see if we see anything unusual. Also regarding freezes or crashes, we would need you to attach the specific score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem in order for us to investigate further.

If you're using the latest version (2.0.3) and have the Navigator open (that small window on the bottom showing an overview of all pages) try resizing or closing it (F12).
It's known that it can slow down MuseScore a lot.

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