A suggestion about tablatures and 8---¬

• Jun 19, 2016 - 18:58

Hello to everyone.

The "transpose" tool transposes the written notes, the notes' sound and the frets number, and this is very useful.
When I read/write a tablature, a lot of times it is necessary to switch from an octave to another, so it would be very useful to have a feature that transposes just the notes position (I mean only the written notes) without changing the number of the frets and the sound.

I tried to find into the manual a way to do that but I could not find anything. So if it is already possible please do not consider my suggestion but I would be glad to know how to do.


I'm not quite sure what you mean. Are you saying you want, for instance, to take the note on the hgh "E" string and change it to be the fifth fret of the "B" string on a guitar? Yu can do this by selecting it and pressing Ctrl+Down. But that doens't have anything to do with octaves, so maybe I am misunderstanding. If that doesn't help, please psot the score you are having poroblems with and describe in more detail what you are trying to do.

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Thanks Marc, I knew about the Ctrl+down but unfortunately that is not it. Please consider that I am not a musician, I just play some music.

Anyway here the problem:
(I am reporting my very case, but this happens even creating a new score)

1. I transcribed a piece that three years ago was faster to use with guitar (Tuxguitar);
2. I exported the score to gp5 format file;
3. When I open the file I can perfectly see the two parts;
4. I open one of the two parts;
5. I want to make more readable the scores, so I add the 8--¬ symbol to an entire bar;
6. The notes are at the same place and the sound is an octave higer/lower, so I need to use the transpose tool;
7. If I transpose the bars or the whole piece, the scored is transposed an octave higer/lower;
8. Now the problem: when there is an instrument like a guitar, just the note into the scores should be shifted into the print viewport, not the frets' numbers. At least there should be an option that allows to choose if the tab should be transported too.

A. I create an E note at fret 24;
B. The score is too high into the staff, so I transpose the note;
C. After that I transposed the note into the staff is more understandable now, but now the tablature shows the 12th fret and the fret that I have to press is the 24th.

Another suggestion besides all this: have you ever thought to import directly tuxguitar files? It would have more sense that import guitarpro files!

I hope I have been clear Marc, sorry, I had not in mind to write that much!

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W.A. Mozart - Sonata 16.gp5 19.64 KB

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If I understand, your wish is to receive this (image created in GP6), ie by applying an ottava on the E6 note (second measure), the note decrease of an octave, while the fret 24 remains.
GP octave.jpg
So, maybe there is a workaround that I has not thought from now, but more simply, I think this feature is not implemented currently by MuseScore.
Eg, load this GP6 test file: Guitar ottava.gpx

In the part, you observe this result:
You may filled an official feature request if you want.

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So, as a temporary workaround, you must work with no linked staves (Standard and TAB)

I don't know if your preference is to enter notes via the standard staff, or the Tab Staff.

A) input in standard staff:

1) Eg, type notes, say, E6 and D6
2) Now, copy and paste the content in the TAB staff
3) Select the standard staff, and do: Ctrl + Dow arrow (for decreasing an octave)
4) Add an ottava 8va

B) input in Tab staff

1) Enter the appropriate frets (24, 22 etc.)
2) Copy this content of the measure in the standard staff
3) As this measure is already select (blue rectangle) -> do: Ctrl + Down arrow (for decreasing an octave)
4) Add an ottava 8va
That's all! (see image below). And for more detailed illustration, load this file test: ottava test.mscz

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And by applying this way of doing with the GP5 file attached in your previous message: W.A. Mozart - Sonata 16.gp5
1) File -> Parts -> Delete (the two parts) -> Ok
2) Press "I" -> Add two staves (not linked)
See the new configuration (in "I"): a W.A. Mozart - Sonata 16.mscz

3) Eg, go in measure 10 (third page) -> select the standard staff-> copy/paste the content in the Tab staff
4) Re-select the standard staff -> Ctrl + Down arrow -> Add an ottava 8va
Result: b W.A. Mozart - Sonata 16 measure 10.mscz

5) Re-create parts if wished.
Result: d W.A. Mozart - Sonata 16 measure 10 ottava.mscz

EDIT: I observe (last attached file) in the first Part (A), measure 10, that the playback of the ottava is lost after save-reload.
Does this issue is already knowed and reported? Maybe, but I don't recall immedialty.

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