Only first sound appears after installing sfz sound font

• Jun 24, 2016 - 11:09

I'm new to Musescore and sound fonts, so bear with me.

From looking around, it appears to me that an sfz sound font, is a text file containing playback definitions for each sound, accompanied by a corresponding series of sound files in .wav format. So am I right in thinking that when the Musescore instructions refer to adding an sfz sound font, I need to add a folder containing the sfz file and the accompanying sound files?

Also, if I put a soundfont into the user soundfonts folder, I cannot access the soundfont from the Fluid tab, but I can from the Zerberus tab in the synthesizer. Is this correct?

Also, although the sound font has many different sounds, when I access it from the mixer, I only see the name of the sound font, not any of the individual sounds. If I add this in the mixer, I appear to get only the first sound in the soundfont file.

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