Help with tuplets

• Jun 30, 2016 - 00:11

I was able to figure out how to use the custom tuplet feature in MuseScore, but I am having trouble with the note duration. I was able to change the half notes I got into quarter notes with the Inspector, but there was apparently no option to give beams to the notes to make them the sixteenth notes I needed. If I change them to sixteenth notes, it changes the actual duration of the note, not just the appearance of the note.
Please help-- I need this for a major composition.


You could just copy the relevant measure into a fresh score. We really need to know the time signature to be able to help, but here's how it would look in 4/4. I used a tuplet of 9 instead of 18 because you only included 9 notes in your picture.


A 2-beat 9 note tuplet is beamed automatically in 4/4. If you use a different time signature then you'll need to tell us what it was or attach an example.

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