How would I notate a "Sul G"

• Jun 30, 2016 - 23:48

So, For a piece I'm writing, I intend to have a section where I need the violin to play notes on a lower string. I know to declare that, I should notate it "Sul G" if I need it to be played on the G string. However, I need to know how to notate if I want to let them know that the Sul G section is finished. How would I notate that?


Use staff text 'Sul G' to start the section. There is no specific text mentioned for ending such a section, but 'modo ordinario' or 'ordinario' or 'naturale' or 'normale' (which are used to indicate the end of a col legno or sul ponticello/sul tasto secion) should do the trick.

Any violinists out there who have better information are invited to chime in.

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Yes, just like an ottava, as I said. From the Lines palette. In particular, the plain text line at the bottom that defaults to "VII". Just select the range of notes you wish it to apply to, double click the palette icon to add it to your score. Then right click the line in your score, Line Properties, and change the text from "VII" to "Sul G". Assuming you wish to do it this way - it's probbly only appropriate for relatively short passages.

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Luckily these passages are generally rather short. Personally I use a wide spaced dashed line so the thing does not look too obtrusive. That way I think you could tolerate this over several lines, just have the text repeat at the beginning of every line.

If a whole piece is on the G string it is usually mentioned in the title or along with the tempo marking (these are generally either studies or show pieces).

One should mention that these passages become pretty difficult to play if they rise to the pitch usually played on the two upper strings. They need practicing. If sight reading I generally disregard string instructions of this kind to avoid the risk of horrible intonation.

This is too late now, but as a violinist myself I use this notation, as well for playing as for music notation:
I = E-string
II = A-string
III = D-string
IV = G-string
Change it whenever it needs or don't make an annotation if it is not needed.
Make an annotation in the beginning of your document. Then, it will be fine.

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