New features request for MuseScore 3.0

• Jul 7, 2016 - 13:30

I've recently seen that video in the MuseScore facebook page about single-note crescendo playback that will be featured in MuseScore and decided to add some features that I would like MuseScore 3.0 to have.

First of all, as I had said in another post in this forum about 1 year ago, we need cross-staff and cross-voice arpeggio that will play back. And talking about cross-staff, MuseScore should also allow you to move a singular note from a chord in another staff.

Another feature, which in my opinion should have been added by now, is tempo alterations texts, like ritenuto and accelerando. I know you can set a tempo and then write a regular text, but it could be way more easier if there were tempo alterations texts which decreased and increased the tempo in relation to the original tempo. It'd be also good if the tempo could decrease (or increase) gradually.

Moving to repeats, there should be a 2-bar and a 4-bar repeat sign in the pallets (cause the one in the master palette is kinda messy) with playback. What's more when there's a repeat section (with repeat barlines) and a "Da Segno" or a "Da Capo", the repeat section isn't repeated after the Segno, something which I think should come with a custom option in the inspector (like in trills for example, where you can choose between "default" and "baroque" playback). And talking about Segnos, there should also be an option for how many times to repeat the Segno section, like the one in the repeat barlines, and also a "play only second time" text with playback, when an instrument should play some notes in the second time of the repeat, for example, both in repeat barlines and Segnos. Finally about repeats, there should be a cross-repeat tie, if for example the last note of the 1st volta needs to be tied with the first note of the repeat, something also really common.

What's more, as trill and gruppetto playback has been introduced, there should now be trills and gruppettos with accidentals, and especially trills, as it's really common.

Finally, another playback issue is the one of slides (slide in above, slide in below, slide out up and slide out down in the arpeggio and glissandi palette). Now that there is arpeggio playback, the next step is to add playback to those notation features and also give us an option to change their look, to make them look like arpeggios.

I am attaching some musescore files and some pictures to make you understand me more clearly. I would be glad if I get an answer on whether those features are already being developed for MuseScore 3.0 or if they will be. Thanks in advance.


None of these features are currently being developed as far as I know. Accelerando/Diminuendo is probably one that will be worked on.

As a singer and conductor I can really confirm how important it is to have these tempo alterations available. It is - next to the scanning pdf facility they provide - the one and only reason that I still mix working with musescore AND Sibelius. For the tempo alterations - just needs adding them to dynamic signs. After all that is what they are as well as crescendo, descrescendo, arpeggio etc.

For the pdf scanning part I am sure that Neuratron would welcome to see their Photoscore and Audioscore reading programs beconnected to Musescore (which just means that photoscore files can be read into Musescore). IThese 2 things would really add to Musescors mission to be an open and complete source!

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