Is there a way to create two linked tabs with different positions ?

• Jul 14, 2016 - 13:55


I have a series of notes on the staff (standard treble clef) and an attached tab (guitar) and if I create another attached tab, in order to illustrate a different way of playing those notes ( different stings) it changes the other tab as well. In other words, the two tabs are linked to each other as well as to the main staff.

Playing around i discovered that if I add another tab staff, without attaching it to the main staff, then I can change the positioning, but then if i change the notes on the main staff it doesnt update this unlinked tab.

Is there another way ?



All you are describing is the usual and expected result.

Ditto for: " but then if i change the notes on the main staff it doesnt update this unlinked tab. "
How could it be otherwise, since these two two staves are not linked? Somehow, this answers your initial question. The staves are linked or not linked. There is not an in-between :)

So, to update, you should just to do a copy-paste (standard to unlinked Tab) of the modified measure, or range of measures, or all the score, as needed. Easy.

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Hello again cadiz :)

I think that is one of the things i tried to do .
I created the main staff with an attached tab. I then set this first tab to one correct set of voicing, and then created another linked staff, and copied the contents of the first tab to it; and then tried changing it (the second tab), but then it also changed the positioning of the first tab as well.
So, i then created another tab staff that wasnt linked to the main staff, copied and pasted the contents of the first tab to it , and now i could change the tab - however if I change the notes on the main staff this unlinked staff doesnt update ( as expected); hence leaving me with an inaccurate tab. The first tab does update ( as expected) but if i copy and paste this again over the unlinked tab then i loose all the altered string positions (second tab) i had put on it. If i remain unlinked then I have to check through it to make sure i update any changed notes. Painful

Is there no way of linking the second tab to the main staff without changing the first linked tab as well ?? I can understand that the tabs are connected to the main staff, but why are the tabs connected to each other. In other words why cannot there be two connected tabs with different positions (but same notes) ?

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What i meaning is that if i paste the changed measures from first tab(closed voicing), that is linked to the altered main staff, to the second (unlinked), then i lose the different positions (open) already on it - it pastes over them - and i then have to change them again to the different voicing (open). Sure the pasted tab measures are now the correct (changed) notes - but I still have to change the positions to make them open voiced .

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Not a huge task to change them i suppose, but sometimes one forgets that some tabs aren't linked (to the main staff)... only to find out later that an UNLINKED tab and the main staff arent the same . Theres no reminder in the score that the second tab isnt linked...

Like I said - i can understand that the tabs linked to the main staff will update both tabs if the main staff NOTES are changed - but why do both linked tabs HAVE to have the same positions ? Same notes yes , but why the same positions ?

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This is, necessarily, by design. If two staves are linked, changes to one will update the other. That's what linking staves does. If they are not linked, however, they are as independent as any two different instruments in an orchestral score. Any changes or edits you make to the main part will have to be pasted into the unlinked tab and adjusted manually.

To avoid double work, I suggest you create and finalise all your music in the standard notation staff first, and let the linked tab staff autogenerate the standard fingering. When you are completely done with that, and won't be making any more changes to the music, copy and paste the material into the UNlinked tab staff, and then go through it once only to change that staff for the alternate fingerings you want to show.

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