Pedal symbol not correctly shown in MS v.1.1

• Jul 30, 2011 - 19:06

I just downloaded MS v.1.1 and opened a previous score of mine.
I noticed that all Pedal symbols are now shown as a line under the pedaled notes, while the actual word "Ped" is missing, as seen in the attachment.
Surely, I can't present my scores to a pianist like this. Is there a way to fix it, or should I go back to MS v.1.0 ?
Thank you.

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What happens if you delete the pedal marking and recreate it? I'm wondering if the font changed? You could also just editing pedal marking (right click, line properties) to see if when you hit OK, it gets redrawn correctly. If you post a sample of an actual score, I could see if I can reproduce it.

I noticed this too, but didn't report it (wasn't thinking properly).

In 1.1, the dash is in both the palette and score.

In the trunk (4623), it only affects scores you open from 1.0 (there is a 'Common Time' symbol instead of the dash) - it looks fine in the palette and applying it (saving/opening in the trunk too). If you open a 1.1-saved score in the trunk, the pedal doesn't appear at all.

Using Mac 10.6.8.

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Did you mean to say you should *not* have this problem with scores created in 1.1? While it's true that any pedal marking, once created, will stay a pedal marking, it is still the case that creating a pedal marking requires use of the Line Properties dialog because the *palette* in 1.1 has the same issue as *scores* created in 1.0. So basically, whether the score comes from 1.0 or is newly generated in 1.1, you pretty much need to manually edit each and every pedal marking, unless I'm missing something. Doesn't really affect me much, because I don't tend to write pedal markings, but it does seem a rather unfortunate regression.

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Indeed I mean : You shouldn't have the problem in scores created with 1.1. And my post was about pedal lines only. I'm not aware of any issue with the palette. Which palette ?
If we are talking about the palettes (F9), then, if the visual aspect if not good, it's because you customized your palette in MuseScore 1.0. Delete the mscore-palette.xml file from C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\MusE\MuseScore and it should be ok. It will be less cumbersome than changing every line by hand :).
I agree it's a rather unfortunate regression... since a little compatibility is lost between 1.0 and 1.1...

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My palette also looked exactly like that. There was no Ped sign available; just a "-" that you have to manually change each and every time.

However, even though I had never deliberately customized my palette, I know I had experimented with that feature when I read about it here. So I checked the location mentioned, and indeed, there was a mscore-palette file there. It was dated 3/13/2011, so I know it wasn't created on installation of either 1.0 or 1.1, so it must have been my experimentation. And sure enough, upon deleting that file and restarting MuseScore, my palette now looks normal - the pedal sign is present where it should be.

Really, that was the main thing I was concerned about - the fact as far as I could tell, even new scores created by 1.1 were being affected by this, requiring extra work that wouldn't have been required in 1.1. I was really thinking a patch should be made available just for this. But if it really only affects those of us who experimented with customized palettes, now I'm much less concerned. Still a regression. but not as bad as I was thinking.

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Right, that too, of course. That's actually what I had in mind when I said it was still a regression but not as bad as I had thought, although I didn't word it well.

I wonder if a conversion utility could be cobbled together to help with that transition for those affected? If one were to save as mscx, then a Perl script or some such could do the job.

Select the measure where You want the pedal sign (or any random measure).
Click Create -> Lines
Drag and drop the Pedal sign from the popup window onto that (desired) measure.
It worked for me.
I hope this helps. Greetings :)

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