string damping

• Jul 17, 2016 - 07:37

Hi, im trying to make a song here and in the song i have a part where i use string damping and I can't seem
to find anything on how to put string damping. please can someone help me here because the X muting makes a strum noise and I don't want that.


Assuming your question is about playback, see the "Palm Muted Guitar" sound that you can select in the Mixer. In order to switch to this sound part way through a score, see the Handbook under "Mid-staff instrument changes".

If your question is just abut how to notate it, I would think the "x" would be what you want; just ingore the fact that the built in playback isn't quite right.

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It's almost like a Palm mute. string damping is when you strum a chord and then you mute all the strings with your pinky side. That's what I want to know, and I am guessing that "x" means that it is muted. Isn't there a way to mute the sound on the "x"?

Where is the Mid- staff instrument changes are at exactly?

Plus I am putting a rit in the song and I'm wondering is there just a button that you can use to slow down a part in a song because when I put in the time that I wanted. When I was trying to put the song at tempo it isn't working. and how in the heck do I delete pages that I don't need to use anymore that are just left over pages?

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If you click the Handbook link in the menu at right, then search for "instrument change" you will find the link with the instructions.

If you prefer a sound different from p[alm mute, you'll need to first find a soundfont that provides the sound you want - MuseScore normally supports the General MIDI standard, and it doesn't define any such sound.

As for "rit" you can add the tect normally and when you print your score it will appear so human musicians wilkl slow down. The built in playback doesn't do this automatically.

To delete measures, select them and press Ctlr+Delete. If deleting the measures means pages asre no longer needed, they will go away too - just like how deleting text in a word processor makes pages go away as necessary.

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