French C-clef and alternate f-clef

• Jul 19, 2016 - 12:51

Could the French style C-clef and the older (reversed) F-clef be added to the clef pallet in musescore?



Hi, the alternative F clef looks good. I've only ever seen it used in the bass clef position. So as you have it in the 2nd example (with a 5 to the left) is perfect.

The Fench k- form of the c-clrf can of course occur in any if the c-clef positions but probably alto and tenor should cover the vast majority of cases.

Thanks for looking into this.


Yes, that's yet another form of the c-clef: the H-form. I noticed that in the symbol table.

If the alternate F- and k-form C-clefts were provided in the symbols, then they could always be selected as a graphic and the standard forms made invisible.

That would personally work for me as an option for the few occasions I'd want to select these.

Looking at you symbol table (which I'm sure is not as full as mine in 2.0.3) I see the 2nd and 3rd c-clefs on the second line a very close the the k-form.


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Just downloaded the latest master. new clefs look very nice. Thank you very much.

I did try to test this earlier, but couldn't get the source to build. The ran out of time. Maybe I'll give the development environment another go. Has anyone managed to compile musescore under Xenial?


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