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If searching the directory "Songbook" by searching or scrolling down then after opening a song it is impossible to return to the main menu. After scrolling down and coming back from song you only can open the main menu ( 3 horizonta lines top left) by first completely scrolling up. If you don't scroll up it just opens another not asked for song, again and again instead of going to the home page. After using a search action with a song name it is even worse. Then if returning from the opened song the app is completely stuck, it only want to open the song again, I just left. Sometimes after multiple try's it may return. Mostly I need to complete remove the page first and restart the app.


Which version of the MuseScore songbook do you run? On which device and which OS?

Can you explain exactly what you are doing? I tried the following and I can't reproduce any problem.

1/ Scroll

  1. Open songbook, with 20 or so files in the songbook library
  2. Scroll to the last score and open it, then close it
  3. Press the top left "sandwitch" menu button. The menu slides open and I can select "Discover"


  1. Open songbook, with 20 or so files in the songbook library
  2. Search for a song: it gives one result. Open it, close it
  3. Press the top left "sandwitch" menu button. The menu slides open and I can select "Discover"

What do I miss?

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I run the latest version (1.10.7 ) iPad3, iOS 9.3.3. It contains ca 150 files. I don't know what you miss except the number of files (1 or 2 page / file). And I guess I might raise it easily to 500 or more, if I stay using it. I don't know if this is related to the last 2 updates or the number of files I'm adding. I guess the number of files.
It is just as I explained, and not the way you describe it. That was the way it functioned before but then I had even less then 20 songs. So it is new to me also but I never used so many files before, so it may be only related to the number files right now. I did start using it right now because the transpose function was corrected. Although it still needs an octave changer up/down before it is really good usable.

Additionally I probably will only scroll since the search functon needs 'exact' typing, so scrolling is usually faster. Right now to return I need to scroll up first.

I did load almost all songs in iPad4 from my wife. There it works fine. Then
I restarted my iOS at iPad 3 while I first had thrown away all open pages to be sure it as clean as possible. But that all didn't change a thing. The same problem remains and sometimes the whole app doesn't function anymore, while tryïng it all. Then you can't even leave a opened song anymore.

Additionally I noticed that new songs always open the first time in key C and not in the original key, is this standard?

Using the My Sheet Music directory, it's the same problem. That will open probably 350-400 songs. Returning to the home page can only be done on top of the list and then you still need to tap 4 or 5 times and wait long, before it reacts. Further on the list when goïng back to the list it just opens an arbritary other song instead of goïng back to the home page.

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After many trials without any success in solving the problem I decided to completely remove the app and re-install it. And yes this did solve the problem also for my iPad3. It is only quite a job to download all 150 Songs again since you can do it only one by one. For this you should create a solution either via iTunes or a "download all found" function. And I'm not yet convinced it stays away. The reaction of the menu is sporadically without any apparent reason slow or needs more tapping, this worries me.

I'm sorry to say so but again after using it several times the same problem occurs again where this reported bug may started. And nothing helps to get rid of it except complete removing the app and add all your stuff again which is no option. So it seems it doesn't empty a memory somewhere, and then again no only way out is complete scrolling up again before you can return to the menu page. And please add an octave changer!

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