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• Jul 23, 2016 - 20:37

I’m re-entering music for male voices TTBB as per attached.
At one point (bars 2 to 6) the second bass voice is silent so I want to enter full measure rests for voice 2, but how?
I have a full measure rest in bar 1, a rest hanging from a line and centred in the measure. The on-line manual says “To create a full measure rest, select a measure and press Del.”
So, I go to measure 2, Type “N” (for note entry), Select 2 from the voice menu, which gives me a green cursor on the first beat of measure 2. I press “Del” and the last note of bar 2 (the G of the FIRST voice changes to a crotchet rest and the green cursor says where it is on the first beat of measure 2. )
I don’t understand why that should happen, can anyone enlighten me?
And how do I enter a full measure rest into the second voice?

PS I know I can enter a dotted minim rest in each measure as I have in measure 3, but it looks ugly and I’d rather have the centred full measure rest which would replicate the copy from which I’m working (produced by Sibelius, I believe).
How do I do it? Is it even possible?

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To create a full measure rest, it's not by pressing Del, but: Ctrl + Shift + Del (re-read the manual maybe)
So, first enter the dotted minim rest in each bar (Voice 2) you want, ie bars 2 to 6, after selecting the dotted minin value and pressing "O" five times.
This: Full_Measure_rest A.mscz
Then, select the whole measures 2 to 6, and press one time: Ctrl + Shift + Del

Result: Full_Measure_rest B.mscz

EDIT: you may avoid the first step (dotted minim rest in each bar), and replace by: select the second bar -> Voice 2 -> Ctrl + Shift + Del, and then doing the same thing, for others bars by navigating with right arrow.
In terms of time, the two ways are quasi similar.

To accomplish what you want:

1. Select the offending dotted half rest in m.2 (NOT in note-entry mode)
2. Press 'Delete'. This will delete that rest and Voice 2 from that measure.
3. Select the two first measures
4. In the main menu, click on Edit>Voices>Exchange Voice 1-2. This will create a new instance of Voice 2 and put all the material in Voice 1 into it.
5. Finally, exchange the voices again and you should see this:

whole measure rest voice 2.png

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