Change volume for single notes

• Jul 26, 2016 - 01:31

Hi there.

Is there a way to change the volume for single notes?

I'm a drummer and of course some parts will have accents (louder hits), for instance, I want to accent the hi-hat every two notes and leave the bass and snare intact (same volume).
I know I can use the accent or dynamic notation, but, is there a way to increase the volume of some notes without having to put the accent/dynamic symbol into the score?



The relative volume of the different drum notes is built in to the soundfont. You can try a diufferent soundfont if you like (see the Handbook under "Soundfonts"), or you can just use the Inspector to change the velocity of selected notes.

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Well, Muse Sounds are a separate optional download from Muse Hub. What actually comes with MuseScore is a soundfont, MS Basic. Unlike Muse Sounds, soundfonts do use MIDI internally, so they respond to velocity. That means you can tweak velocity if you switch from Muse Sounds to MS Basic using the Mixer.

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Ah ha. Now I remember. Well, having checked out MS Basic, I prefer the Muse Sounds, at least for the strings I'm now writing for. I'm curious about when that other method you alluded to would be released and if it would allow what I'm after. Meanwhile, I can double the notes I want to emphasize, and sometimes I use the accent marks.

Hi , I am on MS 3.6.2 you can do this : For exemple for the hit-hat , enter a 2nd drum stave, copy on it ,your 1st drum stave ,delete all the instruments you don't need, keeping only Hit hat , or 1 note or 2 notes by measure . You can move up the volume of the new stave. Have a look on an example, in one of my score on DANCING QUEEN . On it, I try to get the exact sound of the original, only for me . There is no solist, only the play back for MS 3

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