Unpredictable behaviour from MuseScore

• Jul 30, 2016 - 08:05

For Marc Sabatella: This is an amendment to a very old thread (interrupted by heart attack). MuseScore had been closing without prompting me to 'Save' and Saved files were not saving. There were also problems with text boxes. I had promised to provide a sample file. I did produce a sample which exhibited the problems faced but this eventually began to operate normally. The program is functioning normally overall now, too.

I had been using MuseScore for several years previously (and since) and my methods had not changed. Indeed, the ease of use of the program had always been its biggest appeal.


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No Thomas. Everything's fine now (except for the program's habit of leaping pages sideways part way through editing, causing me to have to drag it back). Most notation software do this.

Perhaps Apple's operating system had caused problems. This has happened with some programs. I've since up-dated it. Also, I dislike Apple's flimsy wireless mouse and the tiny standard keyboard so I use PC items plugged in to a USB hub. The only adaptation I have to make is to use the double-quote to get the @

Thanks again to all, JM.

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