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• Aug 11, 2016 - 03:24

I have added this code to the jazz chords style folder:

Code.jpg .

How would I go about making the b9b13 smaller? I've added a screenshot of how it currently looks.

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Smaller in what way? Fewer alterations?

If you parse harmony and the way we use alterations today, the chord which implies both those alterations is often called the altered chord, which name represents the "fact" that all possible alterations, b9, +9, +11 and b13 are a part of the tonal pallet.

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Look a little ways up in that file and you'll see "sym" declarations, within a "font" declaration that includes a scaling factor. You'll want to put the ones you want in an appropriately-scaled font declaration. If you dont want this to apply to *all* flats or all 9, maybe define your own syms "stackedb" and "stacked9" etc so you can reference them instead.

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No, the "font" declaration is a few lines higher - "font family=MuseJazz". You;ll see a section that declares a bunch of syms for MuseJazz, then below that is another font declaration for MuseJazz but this one has a "mag" declaration to set a scaling factor. There is a section for mag 1.3 (larger than normal), and another for mag 0.85 (smaller than normal). You'll want to put your sym declarations in the latter section. It's right after the liens you quote above. Like, literally, the very next few lines.

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Oh, you're looking at the wrong file. That's the old 1.X "jazxzchords.xml", kept around for compatibility only. You want to be starting from file that defines the new 2.0 "Jazz" style: chords_jazz.xml. The whole chord symbol parsing and rendering is much more sophisticated for 2.0, but it won't work with the old style jazzchords.xml.

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