Fix the Synthesizer

• Aug 14, 2016 - 18:21

The synthesizer makes everything sound bad; every note fades out according to its length, and some drums don't even make any sound. I don't see why anyone would ever use it except to see how much it ruins the song. The synthesizer should be made a lot better, and I don't see why the notes fade out like that; it sounds terrible. The synthesizer should be made better; the notes shouldn't fade out like that, and each drum should have a sound.


I don't understand what you are talking about - some instruments like piano do "fade out" over the course of their specified duration, others like flutes sustain the entire duration, and others like drums have a short sustain thsat does not depend on the notated duration - in all cases, this should be exactly like their real life counterparts. So I am guessing something is wrong with your configuration that is causing your score to play back with different sounds than you intend. Either you are using a custom soundfont that not General MIDI compatibile, or else you are tyring to access a score that *requires* the use of some custom soundfont you do not have installed.

So please provide more information - including which soundfont you are using if you have installed a custom one, and as mentioned, please attach the specific score you are having problems with (and tell us which specific notes you think are not playing back properly).

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Oh, right, I forgot to mention. I'm talking about the synthesizer on the website. On my score "Pokèmon Gold/Silver - New Bark Town (Remixed)", I noticed that if I use the synthesizer audio source instead of MuseScore audio, a certain kind of cymbal makes no sound. and all the notes are fading out.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "synthesizer audio source instead of MuseScore audio". But I'm looking at the score and listening to the playback on the website and don't hear any obvious problems. It sounds just like it sounds when I load the score into MuseScore and play it there using the default soundfont. Could you give *precise* steps to reproduce whatever problem you are perceiving? Maybe you are referring to the small amount of reverb applied by default?

Note that cymbals in real life have a long decay - this is normal and correct.

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Interesting. I had known there were changes to the audio system on and the ability to specific alternate sources, but I don't know what this "synthesizer" is supposed to refer to. I see now that all my own scores also provide this option. I tried searching for information on it but came up empty. What is this *syupposed* to do? Is this using the soundfont from the mobile apps?

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