• Aug 16, 2016 - 14:18

I have musescore2 on my laptop but it would sometimes be more convenient to use ipad. Which apple ipad would be compatable. I am considering ipad air


The MuseScore score writer is not available on iPad/iPhone. We provide the MuseScore app and the MuseScore songbook app, both are compatible with iPad air and provides a way to discover new sheet music, and learn them (change tempo, transpose, mute some voices, metronome etc...) but do not provide music engraving features.

However, you can certainly give on the Windows tablets a shot. The user interface isn't exactly optimized around use of touch devices - it still has a keybaortd + mouse bias - but things that you might expect to be able to access by touching do work, so it's possible, if a bit awkward at times when the keyboard is involved. Do a search of these forum and you'll find previous discussions of the topic, and perhaps you'll glean some useful tips from them.

I've just bought a Surface Pro 4 and Musescore works very well on it. You can use the pen to select notes to put on the stave and it is much easier than using a mouse or keyboard shortcut. Similarly you can use the pen to drag any function from the sidebar onto the stave. It's not so good at text. but you can set up the score using the keyboard and then switch to tablet mode to do the hard work of entering the notes.

Unfortunately, the Surface Pro 4 is not a good iPad replacement for music apps. There are a couple of apps I use for which there is no good replacement in Windows (iGigBook and Good Reader), not to mention Facetime, which is a must for me. Plus, the Surface is seriously expensive.

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