Music notation

• Aug 24, 2016 - 07:33

How do I indicate finger harmonics and palm harmonics symbol for writing Hawaiian Steel Guitar music and to get corresponding sound (like chimes)?


Not sure what type of notation you are looking for exactly, but you can add fingering from the Fingering palette or change noteheads using the Noteheads palette or the Inspector. Neither will affect playback, but that's not the primary purpose of MuseScore. If you can find a soudfont somewhere that provides the special sounds you want, you can instal that and put those notes on another invisible staff.

Thanks for such speedy response.

On the presumption that a picture is worth a thousand words, I am attaching a .pdf document which is an excerpt from two pages of "Complete Steel Guitar Method" by Roger Filiberto (Google Books), explaining Finger and Palm Harmonics.

If I could persuade you to take the trouble of taking a look at YouTube video at
you would get the idea of how it is played and how it sounds.

Thanks for guiding me to the location in the document. It is to be seen now if putting the appropriate notehead produces the desired sound (as can be heard in the YouTube video referred by me earlier).

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