• Aug 26, 2011 - 13:56

Is there a way to make large tuplets? 11,13,15,17 notes to beat.
Also, is there a way to make tuplets across bar lines?
Thanks for any suggestions. I'm loving this program more and more with each day!


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FWIW, there are occasions when I'd prefer tuplets across barlines and find them easier to read than the alternative. As a simple example, something like a quarter note triplet that starts on beat 4 of one measure in 4/4 time and continues through beat 1 of the next. You can indeed notate this by using eighth note triplets, putting a quarter on beat 4 then and an eighth tied over to beat one in the next, followed by a quarter. It's totally correct, but if you have a whole sequence of these triplets - say, starting on beat 2 of a measure then continuing for several measures - it is arguably easier to read with the quarter note triplets across the bar. Admittedly, this situation has come up for me no more than twice in my life. So a workaround would be sufficient. And I think I've found one:


I made this by setting the actual duration of the first measure to 5/4, the second to 3/4, creating the tuplets normally, then dragging the notes around in edit mode (double click & cursor keys) and adjusting stretch. It's not likely to survive any reformatting that alters the layout of the system, but it might do in a pinch.

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Maybe, maybe not. I think it clear enough as is. And it might be just one instrument in a score that does this; everyone else might be playing straight 4/4.

BTW, in producing working on this example, I managed to create one of those situations where there were extra rests that did not belong at the end of a measure - and that was *before* I started playing with the actual/nominal time signatures. that is, when I was using the eighth note triplets with ties. After entering some notes that way then deleting them to try redoing it this way, I ended up with a measure that had a whole rest plus a thirty rest, sixteenth rest, and eight rest. Or something like that. I think we all are aware that creating triplets and then either copying them or deleting them can create these sort of corruptions, but on the chance that you're still looking for an exact recipe for reproducing it, I could keep poking around and see if I can do it. But I failed in my first couple of attempts just now.

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Yes, I've gotten these same odd measure corruptions. These measures have to be deleted inorder to continue. Marc, your idea to use mixed meter is good if I print immediately, but my program is never able to save these figures. I appreciate your's and lasconic's efforts. Also, thanks for the tip on how to create larger tuplets. Thanks guys.

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