Allow a fermata on barlines

• Aug 27, 2011 - 22:02

Today a fermata can only be placed on a note or a rest. Sometimes a fermata is written on a barline to tell to wait before starting the next measure. MuseScore can't do this yet.


You can't indeed not attach a fermata to a barline yet but you can move any fermata over a barline if necessary.
In MuseScore 2.0, it's already possible to associate a fermata with a barline.

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I have successfully added fermatas to barlines; however, when I create parts from the score, they are no longer positioned on the barlines but rather many lines above the barline -- sometimes they appear on the page before. In the attached Db Piccolo part, you can see the fermata for the Marcia section is at the top of the page near the composer's name. The one for the Schottische section is two staves above. The part fermatas cannot be removed, only made invisible.

If I add fermatas to the barlines in the score after I make the parts, they show up in the parts correctly, but if I regenerate the parts, they are all out of position again.

As a workaround, if I put the fermata on the last rest before the barline, it seems to carry over correctly to the parts (refer to the Marcia and Schottische); however, I don't always have a rest to work with at the end. This makes the workaround less than ideal.

Attached is the score with parts reflecting the results.

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I just noticed that is appears to be a problem with the rendering on the part files when they are generated. If you save the score and reopen it, the parts all render correctly. It was frustrating because it was an unexpected glitch. All's well... but fixing the glitch would be nice.

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I can confirm attaching fermatas to barlines does bad things in parts. Different bad things happen depending on whether the fermata is attached before or after parts are generated, but neither works as expected. I was even able to produce a crash. I will try to summarize and file an issue, thanks for reporting this!

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