more interactive

• Aug 31, 2016 - 19:53

Hello. In case you needed/wanted a todo list of things that would make even "cooler" for my uses for

ability to upload musicxml (to make it easier to upload from other notation software...)

key transposition and "print" option

(soundslice example, right side bar).

"line" style cursor during playback, not just highlighted measure. Easier to follow as it were :)

I hate to mention this but...would better sounding synthesized audio be possible? or at least a drop down of which one to use perhaps? compare to… FWIW, I know this one might be hard :| ).

Ability to optionally "synchronize" playback with a recording (soundslice does this for "show off" pieces). I was unable to test if the "add youtube audio source" did this since it just said "an error has occurred" after adding it (this piece: ). As a further note, if the "youtube error has occurred" there is no way to play the piece *at all* [no fallback to normal synthesizer] FWIW :|

Anyway looking forward to using it, even as is. Thanks!


Another: scrolling from "page to page" is quite confusing currently, as it is not immediately clear to "users" that the button at the top is for scrolling as well as shifting the cursor :|


Maybe some kind of "mini global map" could be presented. Or another improvement might be to have it scroll the selected measure "in realtime" as you drag it, instead of just presenting measure number you'll be jumping to...

Some thoughts anyway.


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