Album not updating when score changes

• Sep 10, 2016 - 16:52

I'm just use an album for the first time, and I'm confused. I added seven scores to the album and successfully printed to PDF. I then used the "Join Scores" button to create a new mscz file (successfully, though I have not used the result). Nothing changed in the Album Manager dialogue, and the "Join Scores" button remained enabled, and my seven scores were still listed (not the single joined score). So at this point it seemed reasonable to think my album was still pointing at the seven original mscz files(?).
Then I made some changes to one of the scores (e.g. to drop some texts that were no longer needed when the score became part of an album). These changes were definitely saved, and I verified they were visible in the online version too.
I closed the score, and re-opened the album, then re-printed to PDF expecting my changes to be visible in the result - they were not.
I re-read the help page about albums for clues - none.
Am I correct in thinking that the moment a score is added to an album, its contents are somehow imported into a place where they can no longer be edited? And that to make a change it is necessary to drop the score from the album and then add it again?


Well, an album is basically just a list of scores, you can add and delete scores to that list and save or load that list, the .album file. When you use such an album to join scores, you still have that album, but also a joined score (the mscz file), the later is not connected to the former, so changes to one of the scores of the album would mean you need to do the join operation again and overwrite the existing Joined score. Or you do the changes to the joined score.

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Thanks for the reply. I can see that an album is a list of scores. My confusion is that when I edited one of those scores, then re-opened and printed the album again, the changes in that score were not visible in the resulting print, unless I first remove and re-add the score. This surprised me - I expected the album to be dynamically connected to the scores in the list - is it as expected?

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It is as you expect.
Maybe after you changed one of the scores you didn't safe the modified version, or used 'Save As'? rather than 'Save'. With 'reopen the album' you mean the .album file, right?
If yoy mean the joined score thouhg, that won't have the modification of one of the scores from that album

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OK I think I have found the reason, and I think it is a bug.
I did save the modified version of my score, and I did not "save as".
To reproduce the bug follow these steps:
Create an album and add some scores.
Save the album to a file.
Close the album.
Open one of the scores, make a change and save and close.
Re-open the album using File > Album (for me it now displays my album - I only have one, so maybe it always displays the last one used?).
Print the album to PDF... you will not see the changes made to the score. This is the bug - you should see those changes.
Now in the album manager click Load and load the album from file, OR, you can remove and add the changed score.
Nothing changes in the album dialogue, but when I print the album, the changes now appear successfully. So the problem would appear to be that when automatically opening the last used album (which should do the same as loading the album), it is not re-reading the scores.

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