Default opened album not detecting changes in scores

• Sep 11, 2016 - 17:24
S4 - Minor

See forum thread
To reproduce the bug follow these steps:
Create an album and add some scores.
Save the album to a file.
Close the album.
Open one of the scores, make a change and save and close.
Re-open the album using File > Album (for me it now displays my album - I only have one, so maybe it always displays the last one used?).
Print the album to PDF... you will not see the changes made to the score. This is the bug - you should see those changes.
Now in the album manager click Load and load the album from file, OR, you can remove and add the changed score.
Nothing changes in the album dialogue, but when I print the album, the changes now appear successfully. So the problem would appear to be that when automatically opening the last used album (which should do the same as loading the album), it is not re-reading the scores. Alternatively, it should re-read the scores when they are sent to print.


The problem applies also to the function 'Join scores':
- Load an album
- Join the scores
- Modify one of the scores
- Save that score
- Open the album again
- Join the scores
--> The joined score does not reflect the modification

The only way to get the new version is to remove the score from the album and then add it again.