Squidfont Orchestral Soundfont in .sf2 format

• Sep 11, 2016 - 03:21

Hi. I have some exciting news. When I downloaded some orchestra soundfonts, someone converted the Squidfont Orchestral Soundfont which another user created from .sfpack to .sf2 format!.

I need you all to please tell me in the comments if the .sfpack version of the Squidfont soundfont is the same and has the same instrument sounds as the .sf2 version does. Or are they different? And how did the user converted the soundfont from .sfpack to .sf2 format?

Want to hear how the soundfont sounds like, Here are some mp3 demos of the soundfont. Note: I used other soundfonts for extra instrument parts then just the soundfont itself.


You can get the 2 versions of the soundfont and listen to the Mp3 Files here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2I_8bgGH-Q3XzZPQ2VqaWdjeTQ?usp…

If you have any questions about the soundfont, please comment below.


PS: This soundfont is perfect to use for MuseScore.


I'm afraid the last link isn't working... Is the ellipses at the end of the link truly a part of the link, or just you didn't copy the entire link, leaving some ellipses at the end?

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