Lines with arrow heads at one or both ends:

• Sep 12, 2016 - 15:52

Hi All,
I had a question but I think I have found the answer!
My question was: Is it possible to type or create a line with an arrow head at one or both ends and to us it in a Vertical, horizontal or diagonal position? I have found a way to do just that wonder if it is something that might be included in MuseScore3?
My work around is to create a line using "Shapes" in Pages (A Mac App); having created the line I want, I simply copy it, click on a note in MuseScore and paste it! It works perfectly and the line can be dragged in any direction and then saved as part of the score.
This may be of some use to others; in what I am working on it is very useful!

Thanks for now.

Bill Brady


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Thanks for the reply and advice/info. I am aware of the "Symbols" palette and spent a considerable amount of time trying out the various arrowheads etc! However, unfortunately, none gave me the result I wanted/needed! Unless I am missing something it seems that all the arrow heads available in symbols are at fixed compass points and not editable? I need to able to freely rotate the line/arrowhead and place it precisely in my position of choice! I can achieve this exactly using my workaround.

I could post a screenshot but I'm not sure how; tried with my last post - but???

Many thanks again.

Bill Brady

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You are correct that the "Symbols" are not editable. But they might be an option in some cases at least. If you have some special-purpose need to more custom lines, then doing it externally is probably the way to go for now, until such a time as MuseScore implements something like that natively.

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