Nooo.... black screen.

• Sep 22, 2016 - 19:36

Everything was working fine when I upgraded to Sierra...
I composed a new piece.
But all of a sudden the screen turned black.
I deleted muse score and reinstalled it and same thing....
I cannot see any of my .mcsz pieces anymore.
Interestingly, when I exported it to .pdf. The .pdf was correct.


I shouldn't have upgraded. I knew it!!

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Ok I reverted back to factory settings and everything is fine....
Well, I guess that is lesson learned time to back all of this up. It is going to take me a few hours to make .pdf's and put it on google drive etc. But I guess this scare could be seen as a good thing...

I'm pretty new to Musescore, but love it. I'm running it on a MacBook with Sierra, which seems to be fine. I've encountered the black screen problem that others report, but it's not necessary to revert to factory settings to fix it. Just set the paper colour to white in preferences.

I've also encountered the problems of different time signatures on different staves, for which there doesn't appear to be a fix at present. Bring on the next version please!

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