MIDI capabilities

• Sep 16, 2011 - 19:56

Can you set up the MIDI so that you can set a tempo and play the notes in rhythm on a MIDI keyboard and have MuseScore notate the notes in rhythms as you play? On the tutorial that I saw, you could only use the MIDI keyboard for the pitches, but you had to enter the rhythms with the computer keyboard or mouse.

It sure would be handy just to be able to play the song and not have to deal with manual entry. The rhythms in my piece are complicated and it will take forever.


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Right - in particular, it's complicated rhythms that tend to be especially hopeless with programs that attempt this. However long you think it might take to enter the piece manually in step time, expect it to take at least three or four times longer to play your piece in real time and then correct the zillions of errors made along the way

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