Different languages for instrument names without changing interface language

• Sep 24, 2016 - 17:15

I'm American, but I'd really prefer German or Italian names for instruments. Posaune is much easier to pick out of a score than Trombone, and seeing the word Violoncellos just makes me twitch a bit. Italian word, English pluralization, yikes.

It's like dynamic markings. I could just write louder, and 90 percent of the world would understand, but I prefer to write piu forte.


Just locate and pick instruments_de.qs or instruments_it.qm and copy it over instruments_en_US.qm in the same directory.
Not really sure this works, and if it does it is a bit of a mean hack.

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Last time I tried, changing languages only changed interface language, not instruments.

And do you know how much clicking is required to change names via staff properties? A lot. And I have to type it three times for every staff - 26 or so, usually - so it gets extremely tedious. Or if we could just have a preference option where we could enter in our preferred names, that would be great. Ask which language we prefer, should numbers be Roman or Arabic, keys alphabetic or solfege.

Even in English, I want Horn I in F, not F. Horn 1

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It doesn't do anything to existing instruments in existing score, just for added instruments.
Once added to a score there is no more translation happening, so really staff properties is the only way, either changing long and short instrument name or 'changing' instrument to whatever the current language setting offers.
There is no instrument called "F. Horn 1" nor "F. Horn", Just a "Horn in F" (but there is an "F Alto Horn"). Unless you're talking about a template or a language different from English

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