Open midi or xml splits two not chord into 2 separate b ase clefs.

• Sep 26, 2016 - 04:28

When I open a midi or xml life for piano, I get the base clef split into two base clefs. Cannot find a way to merge them into one. Have attached original and Musescore version. How to join the two base clefs into the correct one?
Clif NOT FOUND: Musescore 2 base clefs.jpg

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You have attached two images (jpg). It it always preferable and helpful to join the .mscz file.
Nevertheless, do this:
- Select the entire last staff-> Edit -> Voices -> Exchange voice1-2
- Then, copy-paste the second staff (in Voice 1) in the last staff (now in Voice 2).
After that, you have just to remove the second staff.

EDIT: oops... just seen this thread was a duplicate of this one! :)

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