How to join or merge 2 separate base clefs.

• Sep 26, 2016 - 04:58

When I open a midi or xml file, Musescore splits 2 note 16th note chords into 2 separate base clefs. Musescore 2 base clefs.jpg I cannot find a way to merge or join these 2 base clefs back into 1 as shown in the original. Original score 1 clef should be.jpg Scanned with Smartscore. The scan was correct in Smartscore. Really appreciate any help. Going crazy. It does not matter which file format I save the Smartscore in, 1midi, 0midi, xml.



In general, it is better to post the actual score - or, in this case, the MusicXML file - rather than just a picture. If Smartscore truly produced a correct MusicXML file, then MuseScore *should* have imported it correctly, but without the actual MusicXML file, we cannot tell. If there is a problem in MuseScore, we'd like to investigate further. If we determine it is a faulty scan by Smartscore, you might want to report it to them.

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