Bug report: Setting marcato accent to above the staff doesn't work properly.

• Sep 29, 2016 - 04:40

I set marcato and some other accents in Style/General/Articulations and Ornaments to "Above staff". And that works partially. If I click on "Apply", it will move any below the staff in the current score to above the staff. And if I drag an accent from the Articulations and Ornaments window to an existing note, it will go above. But if I highlight a note or series of notes and double-click on the symbol in that window, the accents go below.

The workaround, if that happens, is to select the notes with the below-staff accents, copy them, and paste them back to the same location, which moves them above. Of course from now on I'll drag rather than double-click, but just something to fix in the future.


Confirmed. Can you report this officially via the issue tracker *(using link in menu at right of this page, or Help / Report a Bug from within MuseScore)? Best to include precise steps to reproduce (eg, attach a sample score with that setting already made and some notes already entered, tell us which notes to attach the articulations to, etc).

FWIW, they correct themselves if you select them and press Ctrl+R to reset their positions.

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