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• Sep 21, 2011 - 15:08

I am using musescore 1.1 on ubuntu.
Everything works fine only the repeats get seriously messed up.

I have a score with 3 instruments, a begin repeat sign at the beginning of the score and an end repeat sign after 16 bars. At the repeat 2 instruments go back to the start of the score and 1 keeps on playing. The display goes haywire switching back and forth between the 2 different positions in the score that are playing. How do I fix this?


I am encountering this same problem. Nearly every score I have with multiple staves goes whacky as soon as it begins the first repeat. Sometimes the score jumps back and forth as it plays two different areas simultaneously and always there is lots of crazy reverb as if the synthesizer is lost. Many notes do Not "highlight" as this is happenning. This happens whether the repeats are complex (voltas, DS al segnos, etc.) or just simple repeat signs.

I have resorted to creating a "Render" version of all my scores were I copy and expand out all my repeats so that I can play straight through with no repeats. Big hassle.

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There are several issues in your score. First, you should put Voltas only on the first staff. Second, the Volta 1-2 is not good. You need to reduce the size on one measure with the mouse and then use Shift + Left to increase its span. See Volta .
Last point, you probably started entering the music from a MIDI file. Right click on a note -> Select -> All similar. Right click again and change both ontime and offtime offset to Automatic and 0.

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I think most of the errors in my scroe were a result off too much copying and moving around of staves, parts, etc. The happy ending is that I was able to "wash" the files by exporting as xml then re-importing. A few details were lost but well worth it. Nice trick to know when things go awry. Thanks for all the help.

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