Repeat not played properly

• Sep 21, 2011 - 15:09

I am using musescore 1.1 on ubuntu.
Everything works fine only the repeats get seriously messed up.

I have a score with 3 instruments, a begin repeat sign at the beginning of the score and an end repeat sign after 16 bars. At the repeat 2 instruments go back to the start of the score and 1 keeps on playing. The display goes haywire switching back and forth between the 2 different positions in the score that are playing. How do I fix this?


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Confirmed that it misbehaves as described. I would guess that it has something to do with the apparent corruption in the the bar containing the closing repeat - there is a strange barline in the middle of the measure in the bottom staff. I'd recommend creating a new score and the good measures into it and then re-entering any corrupt ones. I don't suppose you have any ideas how the corruption happened? I'll give my standard observation: copy'paste of partial measures involving triplets has been known to cause problems.

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This is definately the source of the problem then. Select a note -> Select -> All similar elements
Right click on a note and set both on and off offsets to Auto. Probably velocity as well. And it's working again.

Regarding what could like a barline on the last measure of the repeat, it's probably a stem, click on it and Ctrl + R to put in back in place.

See file attached.

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I get that also. Many of my scores are imported from MIDI files but some of them I rewrite from scratch (these are basic old-time tunes). Repeats are simply unreliable, even in v2. A file that plays properly once will behave as you indicate when played at a different tempo. Sometimes I get two different parts of the score playing back at the same time. Sometimes it repeats back and starts at the wrong place. v2 screws up it less, but it still does, and differently than v1.1 does.

Sorry to say, the playback/repeat functionality is just not solid. It's a shame, because it's a big part of what I really want MS to do. Dunno if it's just certain computers that don't play well with MS but there are reports here of people with pretty modern hardware having playback and 100% CPU issues. They might be related.

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