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• Sep 25, 2011 - 03:15

This is a request for Musescore.org website. Since this is an open source software program, I was wondering if there would be a way to add a page or forum specifically for opening up the plans and current progress of all you hard working developers to those who don't have a clue as to what is going on behind the scenes. Letting the everyday user know where Musescore is headed short term and long term, and what is happening now with the development.
It doesn't have to be everyday or extensively detailed updates, but maybe at least weekly reports on what has happen and what needs to happen for the next release. I am kinda thinking of a to-do-list that when something is finished it can be scratched off for everyone to see.
It may also give a clearer view to developers to see what areas need working on and what areas are covered. Also for all the common users to know that their feature requests are a priority, and they don't have to keep asking about them because they can see where they fit into the Musescore development plan, be it for the distant future or sooner.
I don't know if anyone else has wondered this but sometimes when I visit Musescore.org I wonder, "Where is everybody and is there anything being done to advance Musescore? The website has barely changed in over a month, has Musescore been thrown to the wayside?!?!"
We don't want people thinking this, do we? I know there is hard working going on behind the scenes, I just say we bring it to the light a little more.
So who thinks this is a good idea and can it be done?


Did you notice there is a "technology preview" forum specifically for discussing future plans? You can also view the developers mailing list - see development page in menu at right. On that same page you'll also find a "scrapbook" of new features being documented.

But while these resources exist, the extent to which you can really get a feel for what is going just by checking them out is debatable - my impression is that much more is going on than even these pages might indicate. A better way to get a feel for what is actually happening is to subscribe to the issue tracker (also in menu at right) and watch the flow of bugs and feature requests being submitted and resolved. You can also subscribe to the SVN feed itself to be informed whenever source code changes are made. And the real bottom line - trying installing and playing with the nightly builds, which gives you a day to day snapshot of the next major release.

Btw, while I agree thingS could be made more visible, I also think there's no point in cramping the development team's style.

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Hm, that's funny, for some reason I have never noticed the "Technology Preview" forum. Thank you for pointing that out to me.
I don't consider myself an actual program developer, I don't know anything about scripting, but i am quite interested in it and the advancing of particular programs. Maybe someday i will learn and be able to help.

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