[2.0.0 nightly r4830] Edit system text (tempo) - <DEL> deletes all text instead of char after cursor

• Oct 3, 2011 - 20:29

I'm testing 2.0.0 nightly build r4830 a bit more. Here's another bug:

Select a tempo system text, double click to edit, move your cursor to whatever location in the text, hit and the entire text is gone. Expected result: the character after the cursor is deleted.


The strikethrough was unexpected in the original post. I meant to type "hit the DEL key and the entire text is deleted".

Still testing on Win7 x64.

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Download this Mozart score, and open it in MuseScore 2 nightly.

You'll notice that the quarter note symbol in the tempo text at the top of page 1 appears as a rectangle (font problem?). If you try to edit that tempo text, e.g. deleting the rectangle symbol in the text by hitting the DEL key, then the entire tempo text disappears instead of only one single letter.

Please note that I am using another nightly build (r4830) and running a different OS (Win 7 x64).

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