Cannot hear second voice when in playback mode

• Oct 5, 2011 - 13:57

When trying to playback a part of Leo Brouwers ‘Etude No.6’ (see attachment, sorry no .mscz file), I
cannot hear the second voice. The down stem A (second voice) should be sustained
until the last sixteenth down stem note A. What am I doing wrong?

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I know, its an effect I've not seen before.

OK, I just found an answer and where the bug is. Swap voice 1 and 2 and your guitar piece plays OK. If a note in voice 1 overlaps a note in voice 2, the voice 2 note will cut off with voice 1 and no longer hold.

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It seems you have run into one of the inadequacies of playback in MuseScore.

Hopefully this will be addressed in a later version as it is going to affect anyone writing in closed score format sooner or later.

Good to know about swapping voices 1 & 2 btw :)

Maybe someone should file an issue?

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