B sharp, E sharp, C flat, F flat, double sharps & double flats

• Oct 5, 2011 - 14:59

MuseScore is a great program, but there are serious "bugs". If I write a few lines and want to copy or transpose them, the system is working grammatically incorrect. It shows B sharps as C natural, E sharp as F natural, C flat as B natural, F flat as E natural and all the doubles as the enharmonic equals - for example: F double sharp is shown as G natural, B double flat as A natural. This problem costs me an enormous amount of extra work, for which I really don't have the time.

Could someone please correct this?

Please let me know at: hhenpo7@aol.com .

Thank you.


Which version of MuseScore are you using? You can save you a lot of time using the last available version, MuseScore 1.1.

I will attach a sample. Download and look. By the way: I was using MuseScore 1.0, now am I using MuseScore 1.1. That didn't prevent the problems.

In the samples I'll attach, you'll see, that in C-sharp minor the F-double sharp of the original has been transposed in C-natural instead of B-sharp and in E-flat minor the C-flat became a B-natural, though the key shows six flats, including C-flat.

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