Format option nr of bars per line.

• Mar 21, 2009 - 15:53

When making a new score I would like to be able to say what the number of bars per line should be.
Automatic insertion of breaks would be very nice. The pickup bar should be ignored in this.
This could also be done later from the format menu, preferably also with selected bars: remove all breaks and then rebreak every N bars.


I agree with TKoorn, I would like too, to be able to choose the number of bars per line.
I would like also to be able to choose, the number of line per page, and to space them properly.
I didn't manage to use de staff spacer, how does it work ? ...

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You' re right ! I started using this program today. So I still have to discover all its abilities.
I'm french, and I wonder what a "generic template" or "boot" might be ... I'm going to look for it in my dictionary !

Anyway, lots of thanks to the one who made this program, it's a great pleasure to make one's own scores.

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Faites un modèle, en lui donnant le nombre de mesures que vous voulez, l'espacement, chargez-le au démarrage.

(les modèles sont dans le répertoire template qui est quelque part dans l'arborescence d' sont (sous linux) enregistrés non compressés)

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I know there are ways to get 4 bars per line, but they require foresight. No new user will have this foresight. However a large number of new user will want to choose the number of bars per line. Even if you have made a template there is the problem of adding bars to it. If you open the leadsheet template you have a very nice 4 bar per line sheet, but if you later add bars to that they don't break. You have to manually add the breaks. Even using the template you need to know how many bars you are going to use before you start, and that just isn't practical. I think the function would be relatively easy to make but would save a lot of work.

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