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• Oct 19, 2011 - 02:55

Hello all, I am having a hell of a time trying to space systems decently on the page. I have discovered Style -> Edit General Style -> Page, but I find there eleven(!) variables that can be changed, and after more than a little experimentation I have learned nothing and pulled out a lot of hair.
Surely there is a relatively simple way to set the positions of systems on the page... ???
Help please!!
Thanks, Ch.S.


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The main ones are thee:

Staff distance: distance between staves within a system (ie, in score containing several systems).

System distanc:e: distance betwen systems.

Page fill threshold: if a page is at least this full, then systems are automaitcally spread out further than the ssem distance to fill up the whole page. So your system distance seting will sppear to be ignored if your oage fill thrshold is set too low.

There ae of course other settings too. Music space is the addition space betwen the top margin and the first system. The margon settings themsves are under Layout->Page Settings.

I'm planning a tutorial vid on this subject, once I've worked out what everything does myself :)

What doesn't help is the window obscuring the score while you tinker with the settings, so clicking on Apply very often doesn't show you what has happened to the layout.

Could this dialogue box be made smaller in a future version? So that you could for example move it over the Navigator pane or Palette?


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First of all, I second ozcaveman's request!! ;-)

Secondly, I discovered Layout --> Breaks & Spacer. Sounds like Marks & Spencer, but is more useful in this context.
Amazingly enough, a "spacer" can be used to adjust spacing!! The one that looks like a capital "I" is quite useful...

Who would have thought!!... ;-)

Ch.S. / space cadet

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