How to handle differing repeats in systems?

• Oct 23, 2011 - 22:18

Hello folks.
First let me say, I'm new to notation, so apologies if I get some of my terminology wrong.
I'm trying to transcribe some (badly!) hand written harp music on to computer, firstly so that I can read it, and secondly so that I can selectively remove harp parts one by one, and therefore practice them myself with some accompaniment.

The three parts in the music, are Harp I, Harp II and Harp III :-)

The song is 16 bars long.

Harp I is written with a simple repeat beginning Bar 3, ending on bar 6, with a DS back to bar 2.

Harp II is written with the same repeat bars, but with a [1] ending and a [2] ending to the repeat. First ending is notated on bar 6, which is where Harp I repeat ends.

Harp III is written straight through, no repeats.

How do I get these all on to one document with Muse Score? It seems to me I can't notate the repeat endings like this for one part, and not the other, and the third part has no repeats at all.

For Harp I and Harp II, I could fake it out by notating the ending twice the same way, but that doesn't help me for Harp III.

I'm using MuseScore 1.0 on a Powerbook G4, but I could upgrade to 1.1 if it would help

Hope I've explained myself adequatley. I can put a scan up in my public dropbox if anyone wants to see the original.

Thanks for any assistance anyone can give.



You say you are new notation, so I'm guessing you just don't realize that wophat you are describing makes no sense. All instruments always read from the same spot in a score. So if one repeats, they all have to. You can't. Have different instruments at different places in the score at the same time - not just in MusScore, but notation in general. If you need to have one instrument play the same thing while the others do something different, don't use repeats, just write it put again (using copy and paste, when using notation software).

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I think I'm going to have to score this twice. The hand written version is written on one page with the different repeats for the different parts and I was trying to emulate that.

I'll do each part as a separate score, for easy reading, and another score three parts together with all the repeats unrolled for easy playback.

Appreciate your time


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Don't score everything twice manually. You can use copy paste. Click on a note, shift click on the last one to make a selection. Press Ctrl + C to copy. Select a rest, press Ctrl + V to paste.

It's also maybe good to make the score with 3 parts first. And then create the parts automatically. See File -> Parts.

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I will do that, but I ran into another problem.

The handwritten music wants to play the repeat bars within the Da Capo, but Musescore playback only plays the repeat bars once within the DC. So my parts don't line up.

Can this behavior be changed so I can get the playback engine ( and therefore also the MIDI export ) to play repeats within the DC?

If not, then I'm going to have to start again, and just score it without repeats, DC and DS marks.

Sorry for the trouble :(

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I don't know if it's been classed as a bug, what I was reading seems to be a design decision.

The difference at this point - if it's a bug or deliberate - is an academic one, I need to get the parts done and so I will unroll loops manually (can you tell, I'm a C programmer by day!)

Thanks for your input


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