From a newbie: how do I remove a staccato?

• Oct 24, 2011 - 21:15

I sprinkled staccatos on a bunch of notes, now I want to remove some of them and can't figure out how. Nothing I've found seems to work. Step by step, please, someone?


That was easy! Not completely obvious, since you have to point to the note to put the staccatto on, but point to the staccatto to remove it. Zooming made it clear. Thanks.

Hi, I'm a newbie too. I just tried to delete the dot as explained in a message but it's not working....I was in edit mode, I clicked on the dot and clicked delete....nothing happened. Any more ideas? Thanks
ps! I just tried it again but clicked "cut" instead and it worked! :)

If you want to delete staccato for all notes, you might can save score into xml file, then open it delete all of tag and save xml, reopen xml file in musescore, the staccato should be removed.

There are a couple of ways to manage these staccatos,

1) Delete a single staccato: Select the note and hit Shift-S, or select the staccato (not the note) and hit delete.

2) If you want to delete a range of staccatos: Select the first staccato (not the note), shift-select the last staccato and hit delete.

3) If you want to delete all staccatos; right-click a staccato, Select / More / Same Subtype, delete.

You'll probably best to go with option two as it seems you want to reserve some of the staccatos.

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