Can we put a text above the treble Clef

• Oct 26, 2011 - 23:28

Can we put a text above the treble Clef as in the attachment to designate as Chorus or verse?
Pls help

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Sure, but the text has to be "attached" to a note. Since these are basically rehearsal marks, I'd set your Rehearsal Mark text style to something appropriate (try, for instance, X = -4sp, Y = -4sp) and then enter your text as Rehearsal Marks (Ctrl-M). Unfortunately, since the first system has a time signature and the others don,t whatever X offset you enter here will be off for the first system, so you'll have to drag that one manually. But the rest should all place themselves automatically. You'll probably have to adjust them anyhow to account for key signatures. But picking good initial values gets you close. The Jazz Lead Sheet template was set up to use reasonable default values.

What you can do is select the first note in the measure, then Create Stafff Text, enter the text, then
drag the text box above the clef.


Click on the first note or rest in the first measure.

Go to dropdown menu CREATE. Then go to TEXT. Then go to SYSTEM TEXT.

Once you click on SYSTEM TEXT a small window opens up. You can type whatever you want into that window.

You can grab the text and move it anywhere you want.

See the attached printscreen.

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On the other hand, for the stated purpose - labeling sections of a tune - maybe you *want* it on all parts. That's actually why I use Rehearsal Mark rather than Staff Text - Rehearsal Marks are like System Text in that way. But Rehearsal Marks are pre-formatted to use a larger font and have a fame around them, which is how I like those markings to appear. So I get what I want right out of the box.

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