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• Oct 27, 2011 - 06:13

A plugin that converts a quarter note to play back a turn of five notes with a panel to define the parameters? I'm really annoyed (but not mad) that MS won't play back a lot of different articulations, so perhaps a plugin might help in that area. You have the articulation ornaments, but they don't play them back. I'm not sure how plugins work, but could it have any connection to the articulation properties panel, or would it work separately? In fact, a plugin that will play any assortment of notes as delineated by a notation shorthand would be even better. Keep in mind that the quarter note representing the turn (or 8th, 16th, etc) should still be displayed, but play something different as defined by the articulation ornament. There are different types of turns, trills and other ornaments that aren't usually written out. The only way I can now get MuseScore to play them is to write them out - but it makes my scores look sloppy.


There is no way I know of using a plugin to find out what markings are attached to a note, so the only way I could see writing a plugin like this would be to select ech note one by one, run the plugin from the menu, and tell it what kind of playback effect you wanted. Even then, I don't know if it could be made to work, as methods for inserting and deleting notes seem to be inusable ifor anything but just adding or removingnotes to existing chords.

FWIW, I find the most effective way of creating playback parts is to add a separate staff. I also create a "part" called "print score" that excludes the playback-only parts. Works pretty well, but should be even better when 2.0 comes out with its linked parts, as then any changes I make to the master score will automatically reflect in the print score. Currently, I have to wait until I think I'm done with the score before extracting the print score part, and if I do then make more changes, I have to make it to both files.

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah your methods sound great. I never thought of doing a separate printable version. Doesn't sound like too much more work if you create both at the same time. Right now all I have are scores that could never be given or sold to anyone because they're my playback scores.

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